Upland Bird Hunting at Monster Lake Ranch

Upland Bird Hunting at Monster Lake Ranch

Monster Lake Ranch proudly boasts the best pheasant hunting in Cody, WY for any level of shooter. Whether you are a trained hunter with years of experience or a first-time birder trying your hand at the sport, we offer all levels of training and guidance for the perfect birding excursion.

Our open landscape offers a variety cover, free from interference from other hunters. Dreaming of a day with some expertly trained birding dogs? We got you covered! We are happy to provide dogs, guns, and ammo if needed. Anything that you require for the most epic day of hunting sports can be supplied by your friend at Monster Lake Ranch.

Please note that Monster Lake Ranch upholds all Wyoming Department of Game and Fish Regulations and requires a resident or non-resident upland game bird license. A license can be obtained at a variety of area vendors.

Bird Hunting

A day of hunting pheasants and/or chukar in the most scenic environment.