Fishing at Monster Lake Ranch

Fishing at Monster Lake Ranch

Monster Lake Ranch in Cody, Wyoming offers a unique and spiritual destination for phenomenal fly fishing. With over 280 acres of flat water on two private lakes, Quick Lake and Monster Lake, you’ll find large catches and plenty of variety.

Monster Lake is a “world-class” stillwater fly-fishing lake and is known as “One of the Best Stillwater Fisheries in the Country”. Our prolific multi-bug hatches, big scuds, and flathead minnows all contribute to the phenomenal growth of fishes. Found in our lakes are three strains of Rainbow Trout (Eagle Lake, Kamloops, and Tripliods), Brown Trout, Brookie Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and Tiger Trout.

For a truly one of a kind Wyoming fishing excursion, Monster Lake Ranch can’t be beat!

Guided Full Day Fishing

For true fishing fans, spend an entire day casting in the best fly fishing spot in the West.