Monster Lake Ranch is happy to offer our guests the opportunity for both long range silhouette target shooting, handgun range shooting, and shotgun sporting-clay shooting. Our unique terrain allows for high-power rifle shooting on targets of over 1 mile away. Whether you shoot rimfire, black powder, or 30-caliber firearms, come try your favorite rifle out on one of our shooting benches and challenge your self on targets set at a variety of distances. No matter if you are sighting in your rifle for hunting season, participating in training sessions offered by our partners, or being a part of competitions such as The World Series of Shooting, you will enjoy the unparalleled opportunity of challenging yourself with shooting at its best.

Located in the compound is our handgun range, with a variety of moving targets for your shooting challenge. In addition, bring your favorite shotgun and try your luck at our sporting clay range. With a variety of throwers, the sporting range will challenge your skill at shooting clays from many different directions and elevations.