What You Need to Know About White Water Rafting in Cody, WY

One of the most incredible Mountain West adventures that you can embark on is a white water rafting journey down the rivers of Cody, WY. Summer is quickly approaching, so pack your swim gear! It’s time to cool down with an epic tour through the heart of the Wild West!

White water rafting in Cody, WY, is just one summer activity that you’ll find in the Rodeo Capital of the World. Download our free Cody, WY Vacation Guide for Wyoming’s best-kept secrets and greatest outdoor recreation.

What You Need to Know about White Water Rafting in Cody, WY

Where to Go

River Runners of Wyoming is a locally-owned business that has served the Cody community since 1967. Established by Buffalo Bill’s great grandson, it is easy to understand why it is home to the greatest white water rafting in Wild West. You will take exciting trips, see amazing sites, and find some of Cody’s most spectacular wildlife. As an added bonus, rafting is a great way to incorporate exercise into your next vacation!

What You’ll Find

Rafting down the rivers of Cody, WY is best way to discover the Mountain West from an incredible and unique perspective. Although you will find beautiful views of Wyoming everywhere you look, nothing compares to the views on the river! Take a peek at some of River Runners’ action photos to catch a glimpse of what you’ll find.

Why You’ll Love It

To spend half of your day white water rafting at River Runners, you can expect to spend around $75 with a hearty meal included! This is a great way to fill your entire day with incredible outdoor recreation without breaking the bank. Not only is rafting an awesome and affordable way to cool off during the summer, it’s also fun for the entire family! Whether you are searching for a short and robust 2-hour trip down the  Shoshone River or you want to spend half of your day in the great outdoors, you will find it all at River Runners of Wyoming.

Tips for Your Trip

  • Wear water shoes! Your flip-flops can easily be swept away by the river current.
  • If you bring valuable belongings, leave them out of the raft. You will encounter some robust rapids and your favorite pair of sunglasses could easily fly away!
  • Save time and money by taking advantage of the Monster Lake white water rafting package. Planning the perfect trip can be time consuming, so let the professionals do it for you!

Where to Stay

River Runners of Wyoming is only 15 minute trip away from the luxurious mountain cabins of Monster Lake Ranch. After a day well-spent on the river, you’ll be happy to know that everything that you need is on Monster Lake Ranch! Restaurant Bliss is located onsite and is touted by locals as one of the best restaurants in Cody, WY! Check our seasonal menu and you will discover Chef Dewitt’s commitment to serving up amazing American-inspired cuisine. After dinner, be sure to stop by our Cutthroat Saloon for great drinks and the best live entertainment around!

The Brookie is the perfect accommodation for small groups planning their next vacation to The Rodeo Capital of the World. This gorgeous 2 bedroom accommodation enjoys mountain views, a full kitchen, a spacious living area, and more. We are booking up quickly for the summer, so check our availability and take advantage of our White Water Rafting Package today! Call 1 (800) 535-7238 and let us help you plan the perfect Wild West vacation today!

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