5 of the Best Tips for Horseback Riding in Cody, WY

Horses played a vital role in ranch life that dates back to the 1800s, and over two millenniums later, these majestic animals hold a special place in the heart of Wyoming. If you want to discover Cody’s vast plains and phenomenal mountain ranges from an eye-opening and unique perspective, then a horseback riding tour is the perfect way to do it!

Luckily, when you stay on Monster Lake Ranch, you will find that some of the best horseback riding in Cody, WY is only a stone’s throw away. After an unforgettable horseback tour through the Wild West, discover more of Wyoming’s hidden treasures. Find Cody’s greatest rodeos, events, and best-kept secrets when you download our free Cody, WY Vacation Guide.

5 Great Tips for Horseback Riding in Cody, WY

1.) Respect the Horse

Did you know that horses were used in the 19th century to drive cattle from Texas to Wyoming? Wyoming has a rich history, and horses played a huge role in shaping the town of Cody, but cowboys and horses aren’t just a part of history, they are a way of life to this day. In fact, horses continue to play a huge role on ranches across Wyoming like Monster Lake Ranch. By understanding this significance, you will gain a new respect and appreciation for these majestic creatures as they carry you on their backs through the heart of the Mountain West.

2.) Seize the Moment

The scenic landscapes of Wyoming are beautifully preserved, making it easy to see the Wild West through the eyes of some of America’s early pioneers, like the great Buffalo Bill Cody! The views in Cody will stir the hearts and imaginations of all who visit, and although they are beautiful when traveling on foot, the views that you will find during a horseback tour are spectacular! Bring a camera, these are moments you will want to capture!

3.) Come Prepared

While a well-earned sunburn is an unforgettable experience, it isn’t exactly a memory that you’ll want to capture on camera. Tours typically last between two to five hours, so be sure to pack your essentials. A fanny pack filled with all of the essentials will usually do the trick! Sunscreen, water, and nutritious snacks are all staples that you will need during your Wild West tour.

4.) Be Aware of Your Experience Level

Whenever you are searching for horseback riding in Cody, you will likely come across a wide variety of options, but before embarking on your adventure, be sure to examine your own level of experience. Are you a beginner, or are you looking for something more rugged and advanced? There are a variety of hiking trails in Wyoming for all experience levels, but asking this question is vital to having a one-of-a-kind, catered experience.

5.) Just Let Monster Lake Ranch Plan it For You!

Whether you are searching for a two, three, or four-hour ride, you will find them all on Monster Lake Ranch. We are known by locals as one of the best places to experience horseback riding in Cody, WY. Trail rides are always accompanied by an experienced guide who will take you to the most picturesque areas of the ranch. For those who have their own horses, feel free to bring them along (be sure to bring their feed)! We gladly accommodate all levels of riders, and you can look forward to special features during our tours, including a chef-prepared lunch, beverages, helmets, and photo opportunities.

Book Your Stay

After a day spent exploring the Mountain West, continue your cowboy adventure on our Cowboy Camp. Join us for a horseback ride, camp beneath the stars, and enjoy an authentic western cookout. A wall tent and two cowboy tepees are nestled high above the ranch in the historic rimrocks! Enjoy privacy, scenic views, and quick access to some of Wyoming’s most beautiful hiking trails. As an added bonus, you will never experience anything more dazzling than how brightly the stars shine on Monster Lake Ranch.

If you are looking for more outdoor adventure like horseback riding in Cody, WY, read our blog and find our favorite Wyoming hiking trails.